Freifrau visits Eva Jablonsky


There is a small light source in almost every corner of Eva Jablonsky's backyard studio and it smells of cedar wood with fruity notes. You immediately notice that this is a space where someone works who perceives spaces with all their senses and wants to play with them holistically. It's not just about her works - it's about living, about living with art and integrating it. Freifrau Art Director Birgit Hoffmann borrowed some of the artist's pictures for a shoot in Italy, whereupon Eva personally brought them from Berlin to Freifrau in Lemgo. In a wooden transport box specially made by her husband. It was a special moment for the artist, as it was not always clear that she would paint full-time.


"I studied law until my first state exam - I enjoyed that, but I always lost myself in design magazines and dreamed of being part of this world one day," Eva remembers when we ask her how she actually got into art. She has always painted, she continues, but she never got around to it during her studies or while working in a law firm. At some point, the desire to paint returned. Her first step was to buy some painting utensils such as canvases, brushes and paints. "I couldn't start straight away. I waited until it felt right," says Eva. The fact that she has not only found a starting point, but can also express her special feeling for shapes and colors, can be seen in the works of art that now fill the walls of her studio.

To show off her art, Eva started sharing pictures on her Instagram channel @evajablonsky_art early on, where you can still see her making her first brushstroke in the attic of her apartment. "I had the whole huge attic of the house to myself. That was great! I put up a canvas and got started - all to myself and in peace," the artist recalls.

She uses the social media platform in her very own style: she shows the first draft of a work directly, not just the result. And she photographs an entire living environment, presenting the picture with the decoration that she would arrange to go with it. Eva's works blend warmly into the room and do not immediately attract attention with strong colors or exciting motifs. With perfect geometry and warm shades of black and white, her pictures are like resting places for the eye that can be imagined in almost any room.