Salone del Mobile 2024


Marie is not just a chair, but also a gesture - and since this spring also a lounge chair. 

Whoever wants to ride on the 2023 for the first time Hoffmann Kahleyss Design developed the Freifrau-Marie chair, developed by Hoffmann Kahleyss, has arrived - in the here and now. The openness of the design is reminiscent of the arms outstretched in greeting arms of a familiar person and conveys a sense of security.

This gesture is emphasised in the the spacious lounge version of Marie, the comfort of which is enhanced by an integrated comfort is enhanced by an integrated rocker-tilt mechanism tilt mechanism that is easy to operate using a lever on the side. The armchair is also characterised by the loose upholstery of the backrest shell, which is held in place by a filigree tubular steel bracket. In contrast to the chair, the frame is detached from the the statics of the frame, which is based on a central column with a cross base. 

Marie Lounge Chair

Cover: Adamo & Eva, Tabacco; Frame Variant: x-base frame with rocker/tilting mechanism


LEYASOL: Sun Lounger and Hollywood swing

Freifrau is presenting three new additions to the Leyasol collection: a Hollywood swing and a sun lounger - available as either a lounger or a swing. The new models, created by the design duo Hoffmann Kahleyss Design, focus on relaxation and cosiness outdoors.

The Leyasol récamiere with the name Sun Lounger invites you to enjoy undisturbed moments of peace and quiet. As a lounger, the Sun Lounger offers irresistible seating comfort, while the swing seat version adds an extra dose of lightness. High-quality materials, be it soft leather or soft fabrics, make these unique designs timeless favourites that are perfect for switching off on.

With the introduction of the Leyasol Hollywood swing, Freifrau is making another statement for stylish outdoor living. The characteristic steel wire frame, available in a range of finishes from bronze and brass to all RAL Classic colours, lends the officially named Lounge Couch Swing Seat a delicate elegance. Up to three people can sit on it to enjoy hours together in the open air - whether it's having stimulating conversations or simply watching the clouds.

Leyasol Wingback Couch Swing Seat 1600

Cover: Lopi (for In- & Outdoor), Antique;

Leyasol Lounge Couch Swing Seat

Cover: Lopi (for In- & Outdoor), Beldi; Frame Variant: Wire Frame

Leyasol Sun Lounger

Cover: Lopi (for In- & Outdoor), Antique;

Leyasol Sun Lounger Swing Seat

Cover: Lopi (for In- & Outdoor), Beldi; Frame Variant: Wire Frame


LOW DINING: a fusion of dining and lounge

The current trend for low dining, previously seen mainly in the outdoor area, is now also finding its way into exclusive hotel lobbies and private living areas.

Freifrau is embracing this movement and presenting besides the chairs from the Nana and Marie collections now also Theia by Sebatian Herkner with a lower seat height.
The low-dining chairs from Freifrau are therefore 5 cm lower than classic seating furniture, allowing flexible placement at low-dining tables and next to sofas. This successful combination creates a unique experience of eating and relaxing in one.