Make it a masterpiece

Customer own material (C.O.M.)


Make it your way! We have already made our models in the most unusual materials: spotted cowhide, curly goat skin, cord fabric are exotic examples. Important notice: With the indication of measurements of customer fabric a width of 140 cm and plain fabric is assumed. An increased consumption is needed for patterned fabrics. Please ask for exact cut measurements. From experience customer leather has to be calculated with 55 % scraps. Cut measurements are clearly smaller. When delivering in square metre pay attention that all cut measurements fit. Please ask for exact cut measurements. For the manufacture of unicoloured plain fabric the specified required material is calculated according to selvedge. In case this kind of cut measurement is not possible an increased demand of fabric will be required. It is necessary to pre-calculate the demand of fabric for pattern repeat and if desired for cut selvedge manufacture. Basically the fabric is manufactured without suitability test.

C.O.M. Customer fabric